Chambers Model BZ with Black Enamel Top


Make: Chambers

Model: BZ

Approximate Age: 1948

Made in: Shelbyville, Indiana


Width: 37″

Depth: 29.5″

Backsplash Height: 38 5/8″

Height with Cover Up: 48″

Cooktop Height: 36″


From 1948 comes this uncommon model BZ with a black enamel top (almost all BZs had a chrome top).

The Chambers BZ is the bridge between the model B and C. Built only in 1948 and sold until the C hit the market in 1950 or 51 (the dispute is a long story for another day).

The BZ has the more efficient broiler that the C would eventually have, new burner grates, a new oven baffle, an improved heat shield on the door and the “wagon wheel” pilot cover in the center of the stovetop. The Thermowell and styling are the same as the B. There are other minor differences between the B and BZ, but they do not affect performance or aesthetics (they just make a difference if you’re working on them).

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