Chambers Logo History

Chambers used a variety of different logos over the decades. There are a number of ways to date your stove, but one of the easiest ones is definitely the logo.

While Chambers started in 1912, I have never seen a clear picture of the logo used in those first 8 years. If you have an early Chambers stove, please send me a good, clear picture of the logo so I can include it below.

Also, all this information is the best I have been able to find and corroborate based on stoves I have seen in person. If you have corrections or updates, please let me know!

Years used: 1920 – 1922

Series: Used on the 8000 and 9000 series stoves.

Years used: 1923 – 1924

Series: Used on 2000 series stoves.

(note that this is much more blue than the previous, grayer logo.)

Years used: 1925 – 1930

Series: Used on 3000 and 4000 series stoves.

(note the difference between the 3 and 4000 series was the 4000 had an Auto-Stat oven regulator while the 3000 had none)

Years used: 1930 – 1935

Series: Used on 1000, 3000 and 4000 series stoves.

Years used: 1930 – 1935

Series: Used on 1000 series stoves.

Year used: 1935

Series: Used on 5000 series stoves.

(note, the 5000 series often had no logo at all, as those stoves were, like this example, sold through manufactured gas partners like Pyrofax)

Years used: 1935 – 1938

Series: 7000 series, and model A

Years used: 1939 – 1947

Models: Model B and Imperial stoves

(note, the Imperial was sold only from 1935 to 1939)

Years used: 1947 – 1948

Models: Model B and BZ

Years used: 1951 – 1952

Models: Model C

Years used: 1951 – 1952

Models: Model C

Year used: 1951

Models: Model C in pastel green only

(note, they did this for yellow and blue stoves in 1951 as well. For red model Cs in 1951, a gray logo was used. I know have pictures of them somewhere…)

Years used: 1953 – early 1956

Models: Model C, In-A-Wall ovens and stovetops

Years used: From late 1956 on

Models: All models