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Chambers Rescue Stove Restoration

They truly don’t make them like this anymore! Vintage stoves were built to last and can be made as good as new again for your home.

Whether you consider yourself a pro or hobbyist, a foodie or just like to cook & eat well, there’s no greater asset to your kitchen than a vintage stove.

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What Goes Into Restoration?

Restoring a vintage stove takes time and care – and like everything else, the more experience you have, the better you get. Find out what happens when a stove gets restored.
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There’s a lot the you can do to make sure your stove is working as well as possible. Check out these how-to videos to learn more.
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Rescuing More than Just Chambers Stoves

Clearly, Chambers stoves are my favorite. But that doesn’t mean I don’t restore other stoves, too. From the the earliest Magic Chefs to Ropers, Detroit Vapors, Glenwoods and Wedgewoods, I’ve worked on more brands than most people have ever heard of! And of course, I always have a wide variety of stoves in stock just waiting to find a new home

So, no matter what vintage brand gas stove you’re looking for, drop me a line. I’m sure I can help.

How Can I Help You?

Whether you’re looking to buy a newly restored stove, have yours restored or want to sell a stove you no longer want, drop me a line and let’s see how I can help.

Why Buy a Chambers Stove?

Chambers stoves are some of the best stoves ever built – including those being made today. Here are the top 10 reasons why a vintage Chambers is right for you.



The chrome, the curves, the handles and dials – nothing else has that look.



Chambers’ retained heat cooking means you use less gas while cooking. No modern stove is insulated so well


Focused Heat

Have you ever noticed flames from the burner shooting up the side of a pot? Not with a Chambers! Chambers burners are designed to give you exactly the heat you want where you need it.



Decades ahead of consumer safety concerns, Chambers put a thumb lock on every burner. No need to childproof your Chambers, or worry about bumping into a handle and turning it on.


Waist-level Broiler

No more bending over to broil. And thanks to the adjustable sizzle platter height, no more guessing about getting the right amount of heat on your food.


Built-in Griddle

The top of the broiler doubles as a griddle (and between the two, your breakfast will never be the same again).



Designed to always be a little warm, the Thermowell is a second oven, a slow cooker or even a coffee maker. It’s a versatile feature that adds to your cooking. And yes, the rumors are true: it makes the best baked potatoes you will ever eat.



These were so popular for so long, it’s not hard to find parts for them. That means that if anything ever breaks, it can be fixed. No more disposable appliances!


Bang for Your Buck

To get even close to the durability, insulation quality, airflow control and efficiency of a Chambers, you’ll need to spend close to $20,000 on a modern stove. And then you will only match it, you still won’t beat it. This is a true pro tool that anyone can use.



A Chambers is the last stove you’ll ever need to buy. They’ve already lasted for decades. Once they’re restored, they’ll last for decades more.


Conversation Piece

Nothing else looks like it. Nothing else cooks like it. Nothing else lasts like it. When friends and family come over, you won’t be talking about work, you’ll be talking about that incredible stove in your kitchen!

That’s right, our top 10 list goes to 11!

Yours will, too, as soon as there’s a Chambers in your kitchen.

Great Resources for Vintage Stove Fans

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from each of these sites. Their expertise has proven helpful time and time again.

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