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Chambers Rescue Stove Restoration

They truly don’t make them like this anymore! Vintage stoves were built to last and can be made as good as new again for your home.

Owning one is easier than you might think. Explore the site – watch, learn, enjoy and then reach out so we can get a vintage stove cooking in your home.

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Restorable Inventory

With over 90 stoves to choose from and all kinds of customization options available, here’s a small sample of stoves waiting for a new home to be restored for.
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Stove Restoration Explained

It’s important to understand the scope of the work that gets done on your stove. Take a look at the basics and the available options so you can choose the scope of work for your stove.
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Answers to questions about buying, selling, shopping and more!
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From do-it-yourself advice to modern recipes for vintage stoves and even some vintage stove history. Watch and enjoy!
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Rescuing More than Just Chambers Stoves

Clearly, Chambers stoves are my favorite. But that doesn’t mean I don’t restore other stoves, too. From the the earliest Magic Chefs to Ropers, Detroit Vapors, Glenwoods and Wedgewoods, I’ve worked on more brands than most people have ever heard of! And of course, I always have a wide variety of stoves in stock just waiting to find a new home

So, no matter what vintage brand gas stove you’re looking for, drop me a line. I’m sure I can help.

How Can I Help You?

Whether you’re looking to buy a newly restored stove, have yours restored or want to sell a stove you no longer want, drop me a line and let’s see how I can help.

Why Buy a Vintage Stove?

Vintage stoves can continue to work in kitchens for decades. Here are 8 reasons why you should seriously consider owning and using a vintage stove.



Vintage stoves come in every imaginable shape, size and color. Some even offer convenient workspace no modern stove provides.



Vintage stoves have already lasted for decades. After being restored, they’ll last for decades more



Because they last for decades, you only need to pay for a stove once in your lifetime. Compare that to replacing your stove every few years or expensive repairs and you’ll find you’re better off going vintage.



There is nothing on a vintage stove that can’t be repaired. They were designed to be fixed, not thrown out.


Living Off the Grid

Vintage gas stoves don’t require electricity and can be set up to run on natural gas, propane or butane.


Made in America

If you care about things being made in America, you don’t have many – if any – options in a modern stove. Vintage stoves were all made in small towns across the United States.


Environmentally Friendly

Rather than filling up landfills with appliances that aren’t designed to last, you can reuse a vintage stove. And the environmentally costs of manufacturing were paid off decades ago, making these the environmentally friendly choice.


Support Small Business

When you buy a restored vintage stove, you’re supporting small and local businesses. No restorer has a giant operation – we’re all small businesses doing artisan work.

Ready to get your own vintage stove or have yours restored?

Great Resources for Vintage Stove Fans

From downloading documents to chatting with people who share the same interest in great old stoves, these are the places I recommend most.

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Note: If you have questions about a stove you own, please be sure to include pictures and your location.

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