Tutorials and Other Videos about Vintage Stoves

One-by-one, I’m trying to answer the questions I get asked most frequently. Don’t see an answer to your question? Drop me a line and let me know what topic you’d like to see in a future video.

8 Reasons Why You Should Own a Vintage Stove

How-to Videos

How to Move a Chambers Stove
How to Use a Chambers Model C Stove
How to Inspect a Chambers Stove Before You Buy
Walkthrough of the Chambers Model A
Walkthrough of the Chambers Model BZ
The Chambers Model B: How to Identify It and Set One Up
How to Adjust the Standing Pilots on a Vintage Chambers Model C Stove
How to Adjust Vintage Stove Burners
How to Install Casters on a Chambers Model C Vintage Stove
How to Clean a Chambers Stove
How to Set Up a Vintage Chambers Model C Stove
How to Calibrate Your Chambers C Oven and Thermostat
How to Tell if Your Vintage Stove Uses Propane or Natural Gas
How to Convert a Vintage Stove from Propane to Natural Gas
(or the other way around)
How To Polish a Vintage Black Enamel Stovetop
How to Install a Skirt on Your Chambers Stove

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How to Choose the Best Caster for Your Vintage Stove

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Cooking Videos

How to Bake Bread In a Chambers Thermowell
How to Use a Thermobaker to Make Timbale
How to Make a Crustless Quiche in a Thermowell


History Videos

A Walkthrough of the Legendary Magic Chef 1000 Series Vintage Stove
The Original Chambers Slow Cooker: The Thermodome
(How to use it and what it is)
1926 Chambers Promotional Film
(corrected version)