Chambers Model 41C - the 4-Burner Model


Make: Chambers

Model: 41C

Approximate Age: 1953

Made in: Shelbyville, Indiana


Width: 37 5/8″

Depth: 29.5″

Backsplash Height: 51 3/4″

Cooktop Height: 36″


The 41C was the 4-burner Chambers from the 50s. In place of the Thermowell, a “power burner” with 6 heads on the daisy burner instead of the usual 4 was installed. Most usually these came with a white porcelain top instead of the typical model C chrome top.

This particular model comes with the “deluxe backsplash” that usually would give this stove the “90C” model number, but all the 4 burners stoves were called a 41C regardless of the backsplash.

These were not big sellers back in the 50s, so they are much less common today.
The script-style logo indicates that, while the chassis was likely completed in 1952, the stove itself was not sold until at least 1953 (and no later than 1956, when the logo was changed once again).

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