Chamber Model BZ with Uncommon Backsplash


Make: Chambers

Model: 11BZ – 4X

Approximate Age: 1948

Made in: Shelbyville, Indiana


Width: 37″

Depth: 29.5″

Backsplash Height: 52.5″

Cooktop Height: 36″


Here’s an uncommon Chambers model BZ for someone looking for something unique.

The BZ is already comparatively scarce, as it was only made for one year (1948). The BZ is the bridge between the model B and C. The BZ has the more efficient broiler that the C would eventually have, new burner grates, a new oven baffle, an improved heat shield on the door and the “wagon wheel” pilot cover in the center of the smooth stove top. The Thermowell and styling are the same as the B, and like the 15B, it includes a Robert Shaw 2200S thermostat – a reliable tank of a mechanism. There are other minor differences between the B and BZ, but they do not affect performance or aesthetics.

This BZ has some additional differences. “BZ” is usually an abbreviation for “15BZ”, indicating the last style of the model B before they evolved into the BZ and then the C. This stove, however, is stamped 11BZ for unknown reasons. What’s more, this stove has the backsplash more commonly seen on the model A, made over 10 years earlier, which includes an integrated timer and salt and pepper shakers. That variant of the B is usually stamped the 12-BX. But with all the unique features of this stove, it was stamped with the model number 11BZ-4X.

This stove is a BZ at heart, but with a bit of flair you usually don’t see on them.
It comes with the original salt and pepper shakers, too!

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