A Bit about Me and My Chambers

When I was a kid, I loved to take things apart in order to see how they worked. The trick was to have them still work when I put them back together.

With the help of a family friend, I learned to troubleshoot all kinds of problems I didn’t think I knew how to address. I learned that most mechanical problems have a simple solution if you take the time to work your way through it. That principle has led me to restore everything over the years from saxophones to cars to, of course, stoves.

When my wife and I bought an ugly house, we decided to put beautiful things in it that should have been there if anyone had cared about the place. So, of course, we decided to make the center of our kitchen a Chambers C. Not only is it still a beautiful piece of design, but it is without question one of the best stoves ever built – and nothing today is its equal.

I tore that stove down to bare sheet metal and rebuilt it piece by piece. As friends looked on, questions started: Can you fix mine? My neighbor has one, can you help her? And so on.

It was supposed to just be a hobby – making these great pieces of engineering come back to life and be put to use like they were meant to. Bring useful beauty into people’s homes.

But demand kept growing so much that, as of January 2021, my years of experience working on vintage stoves is now officially my full time business. And because I was raised by friends and family who shared their knowledge, I like to share a lot of it with others so they can understand how it all works and maybe even tackle things themselves.

These aren’t just appliances to me, they are a part of your home. When I work on your stove, I’ll make sure it cooks as well for you and your friends and family as our stove does for our loved ones.

Quick Facts

Located in Clifton, NJ – 12 miles outside New York City.

Business established: January 2021

Number of stoves restored: 100+

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