1930 Chambers Model 1141 - The First Thermowell!


Make: Chambers

Model: 1141

Approximate Age: 1930

Made in: Shelbyville, Indiana


Width: 38″

Depth: 31″

Height: 35.5″

Cooktop Height: 34.5″


This is where modern Chambers stoves begin!

Model 1141 was the first Chambers to have a Thermowell, and included the “new” “In-A-Top” broiler, Daisy Burners with a new style of drip rings, a new type of controls as well as an Auto-stat – Chambers’ own type of oven heat regulator used before they started using thermostats like we know them today.

This is widely considered to be the first modern Chambers, as all the pieces were in place for the models we know best – the A, B and C.

Take a close look at the picture of the Auto-Stat. It’s the precursor to our microwave ovens today. Instead of setting your microwave to “popcorn” or whatever, back then you could simply dial your oven to “roasts” or “pastries” and your Chambers took care of the rest.
A stove truly ahead of its time.

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