Chambers Model 1041 - The Last Thermodome Model


Make: Chambers

Model: 1041 R3

Approximate Age: Early 1930s

Made in: Shelbyville, Indiana


Width: 47″

Depth: 29″

Backsplash Height: 47.5″

Height with Thermodome Up: 51″

Cooktop Height: 34.5″


The last Chambers model with a Thermodome! After this, the “new” slow cooker, the Thermowell, was introduced and everything changed. The vibrant ivory and teal style was very popular in 1930 and stands out now in any room. This model includes an Auto-Stat – a very early heat regulator for the oven. Check out that dial – set it to the food you’re cooking and it takes care of itself. This is the peak of cooking with the gas off. (See below the pictures for a video about how to use both!)

This stove has a separate broiler, oven below, 4 burners, Thermodome and storage drawer.

For you Chambers history buffs, the 1000 series came after the 2, 3 and 4,000 series for reasons only known to the people at Chambers back then. It was launched in 1930 and ended some time before 1935. This is one model where the serial number system for dating that we typically use does not seem to apply. (If anyone has hard evidence that a stove like this was still being made in 1935, though, I’ll update my thinking. But all the 1935 literature shows a strong departure from this style, burner configuration and coloring.)

Even for people who know Chambers inside and out, this one is a conversation piece!

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See how to use the Thermodome and Auto-Stat in this original 1926 Chambers promo