Early 1930s Apartment Stove - Black and White Marble


Make: Unknown(!)

Model: Apartment Stove (black & white marbled porcelain)

Approximate Age: 1930

Made in: unknown


Width: 27″

Depth: 21″

Height: 37.25″

Height with the Cover Up: 50.5″

Cooktop Height: 36.5″


From the late teens to the early 30s, apartment stoves were a way to accommodate crowded urban life. A small roast could fit in the oven and the stove top has three burners for cooking. The oven compartment has a separate burner for broiling, too.

This black and white model has no maker’s mark that I’ve been able to find. Maybe a restoration will reveal who built this…

Great today to add a bit of panache to small homes or patios.

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