Early 1960s Glenwood Heater


Make: Glenwood

Model: Heater Model A36 6161

Approximate Age: 1961-2

Made in: Taunton, Massachusetts


Width: 36″

Depth: 26″

Maximum Height: 45.5″

Cooktop Height: 36″


This early 1960s Glenwood was designed to not only heat your meals, but your home, too! You typically see these on the West Coast or in cabins – places where an old wood stove was used to heat the house. When people switched over to gas and propane, they still wanted a warm house, so these heater models were developed. It’s unusual to see one made after the 50s (and even in the 50s they were being made less and less). This Glenwood has a nice little bit of mod flair to go along with its practical use.

Note that the heater should be connected to a flue, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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