Early 1920s Chambers 3-burner Stove


Make: Chambers

Model: 9231 (Code name: Breakfast)

Approximate Age: 1922

Made in: Shelbyville, Indiana


Width: 45″

Depth: 30″

Backsplash Height: 44″

Cooktop Height: 33″


Chambers was just 10 years old when this stove rolled out of the factory. It comes from the 9000 series, which was the first numbered series Chambers had (before that, there were model numbers, but not a “series” that had a range of different styles based on the same look and feel.

With an original price tag of $118 (about $2100 if you were to buy it today), this was the “budget model”, as you can see from the description from the original catalog page pictured here. They called it a “high class apartment model”.

Sadly, the stove lost its thermodome long before the stove was pulled out of a barn in Missouri to be rescued. But it is otherwise complete and can be made ready to cook for you with the incomparable performance of the Chambers oven Рwhich  hardly changed over the decades.

The body was originally completely black paint with nickel trim on the manifold and door. – and it can be again, if you have the vision for this in your home.

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