They Really Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

Made in Indiana for decades, the Chambers stove may very well be unrivaled in its quality and design.

If you’re curious about vintage stoves, then you already know they have an allure. I restore other brands of stoves, too, but I make no bones about the fact that, as far as I’m concerned, everything takes a backseat to the Chambers stove – especially the Chambers Model C. Made between 1949 and 1957, once you use one, you’ll never want to use another stove. Here are a few reasons why:

Advantages of a Chambers C

  • Design. I call the Model C the ’57 Chevy of stoves – the chrome, the curves…. Nothing else has that look.
  • Efficiency. The retained heat cooking means you use less gas while cooking. No modern stove is insulated so well
  • Focused heat. You ever have the problem of flame shooting up the side of a pot? Not with a Chambers! The burners are designed to give you exactly the heat you want where you need it.
  • Waist-level broiler with adjustable height. No more bending over and no more hoping you get the right heat.
  • Built-in griddle. The top of the broiler doubles as a griddle (and between the two, your breakfast will never be the same again).
  • Safety. Decades ahead of consumer safety concerns, Chambers put a thumb lock on every burner.
  • Thermowell is a second small oven. Designed to always be a little warm, think of it as a slow cooker or extra baker. And yes, the rumors are true: it makes the best baked potatoes you will ever eat.
  • Parts are readily available. These were so popular for so long, it’s not hard to  find parts for them.
  • Bang for your buck. In all seriousness, you need to spend at least $20,000 to buy a new stove that meets all the qualities a Chambers have. That’s not an exaggeration, that’s a fact.
  • It’s the last stove you’ll ever need to buy. They’ve already lasted for decades. Once they’re restored, they’ll last for decades more.
  • Conversation piece. Nothing looks like it. Nothing cooks like it. Any visitor to your home will want to know more – and it’s certain that your pride of ownership will keep you talking about it!

That’s right, our top 10 list goes to 11! Yours will, too, as soon as it’s in your kitchen.