Choose a Stove to Have Restored for You!

These unrestored stoves are looking for new homes. Get one restored just for you, exactly how you want it.

Chambers Model C stoves are ALWAYS in stock and can be restored to order. Drop me a line to get yours restored just for you.

Interested in having one of these restored for you? Take a look at how it works to see the basic work and additional options you can choose.

1939 Magic Chef

Cool, art deco Magic Chef with an unusual steel top. It’s unique in that it’s all-original, but could blend in perfectly with any modern kitchen, too.

Preway Apartment Stove

1950s Preway Yellow Apartment StoveDetails Make: Preway Model: 796-2Y Approximate Age: 1950s Made in: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Dimensions Width: 20.5″ Depth: 27″ Backsplash Height: 46″ Cooktop Height: 36″ Notes This pastel yellow apartment stove from the 50s is perfect for a cabin, small home, guest apartment or even an RV. It’s a straightforward stove with…