1935 Odin Beautyrange


Make: Odin

Model: Beautyrange

Approximate Age: 1935

Made in: Erie, Pennsylvania


Width: 41″

Depth: 25

Maximum Height: 41.5″

Cooktop Height: 37″


Odin was known for making gorgeous stoves and this art deco beauty is no exception! Absolutely stunning work through and through, from the pebbled enamel, incredible control plate, pendant handles, porcelain thermostat dial and marbled pale green-teal body, you may never see a prettier stove.

The lever on the right adjusts the height of the broiling pan so you can adjust it while you cook.

The burner cover has handles to double as a serving tray.
This stove was just decommissioned from regular use in February 2023!

Comes with its original cookbook, too!

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