Detroit Vapor White Star


Make: Detroit Vapor

Model: White Star

Approximate Age: 1935

Made in: Detroit, Michigan


Width: 42″

Depth: 31″

Backsplash Height: 35″

Height with Cover Up: 43 5/8″

Top of Oven Height: 44.5″

Cooktop Height: 30.5″


This is a cute little stove that stayed in one family until it was handed over to find a new home. The beige to white marble look gives this stove a simple elegance that’s underscored by the pendant handles.

Note the low cooktop height – this is perfect for someone who is shorter than average who find the typical 35” or more cooktop height to be a bit uncomfortable.
The stove features 4 stove burners, 2 storage drawers, an oven with thermostat and a broiler drawer.

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