Chambers Model A - All-White Deluxe Version


Make: Chambers

Model: All-White Deluxe Model A

Approximate Age: 1936

Made in: Shelbyville, Indiana


Width: 37″

Depth: 29.5″

Backsplash Height: 54.5″

Cooktop Height: 34.5″


This deluxe model A is a scarce gem. All white, with a rare, original chrome top, backsplash with premium nickel-plated insert that holds the timer, light shade and salt and pepper shaker. It also features all-white handles, white thermostat dial and white-on-chrome thumb latches and even original chrome art deco legs. This one-family stove was uninstalled in January 2023 after 88 years of service!

The model A was made from 1936 – 38. Chrome plating for stoves began in 1934, so this was an unusual feature at the time (anything shiny and silver you see on a stove before 1934 was nickel, not chrome). Some have debated whether this was an experiment for the eventual chrome tops for the model B. I’ve come across 5 of these all-white models over the years, and one black one.

This is the first all-white and chrome model A I’ve offered for sale!

Comes with the original salt and pepper shakers as pictured.

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