1920s Wedgewood Smooth Top with Incinerator


Make: Wedgewood

Model: Smoothtop with Incinerator

Approximate Age: 1929

Made in: Newark, California


Width: 51″

Depth: 30″

Maximum Height: 51″

Top of Oven Height: 44.5″

Cooktop Height: 34.5″


This beauty from the late 20s has a subtle off-white or ivory color highlighted by pale greenish-blue highlights. The 4 burners to the right, as well as the oven and broiler, are all gas fueled. The drawer beneath the stove controls offers convenient storage. The smooth cooktop was a popular feature as people slowly transitioned away from wood stoves to gas, but wanted to keep using their over-sized cookware that was made for large flat surfaces.

As an accommodation to people who lived in warmer climates, like California, this stove includes an incinerator so people could continue to use their stove to warm their homes. The door on the left is a firebox for wood or coal and heats the two burners above it. You kindle the fire with gas – no matches required.

NB: This stove has a chimney/vent that is 5.5” deep, so it cannot be installed flush against wall.

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