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Chambers Model C61 Yellow

Status: Complete and tested.

Absolutely gorgeous in its original pastel yellow and chrome finish, this 1950s Chambers Model C stove has been mechanically restored for continued decades of use.
This single-owner stove was bought new when the house was built in 1952 and was used in their “summer kitchen”.
It includes the In-A-Top broiler, original griddle and Thermowell.
The timer is present but unreliable.
This model can be used with natural gas or, with minor adjustments, propane as well.


The finish was not altered, as I am a firm believer that part of the charm of owning something vintage is the patina its history carries.
It is pictured on a dolly for easy transport, but the legs are in place.
An original wrap-around skirt for the legs is available for an additional $50.

Restoration work that was done includes:
Complete disassembly, cleaning and rebuild.
Gas valves cleaned, relubricated and rebuilt
Deep cleaning of every nook and cranny
All moving parts were lubricated
Rust mitigation (all of these have some rust. None was particularly bad on this stove)
Some hidden screw and bolt replacement
Complete testing and thermostat calibration.

The Chambers Model C was made between 1949 and 1959 and is highly regarded for its ability to “cook with the gas off”. The stove is so well-built, it retains heat for hours, making it far more efficient than modern stoves.

37″ wide
28″ deep (including the handles)
37.5″ height of the cooktop (variable +.5″ and -1.5″ depending on how you adjust the legs)
43.5″ height of the back

Weight: approximately 450lbs

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